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About Holistic Herbal Solutions

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Holistic Herbal Solutions LLC operates out of a state of the art facility that is registered with the Ohio department of Agriculture. This ensures that our facility is inspected randomly and monitored for proper food handling and sanitary practices. In addition Holistic Herbal Solutions LLC follows strict GMF practices to ensure product safety for our customers. Our products are tested for mold, pesticides, additives, and metals by outside and in-house testing methods.


Holistic Herbal Solutions LLC was established due to personal necessity to address health concerns that mainstream medicine could not provide relief from.   The Owners and founders of Holistic Herbal Solutions started using and studying herbal medicine in the early 90’s as an alternative way to prevent health afflictions.   The founders of HHS started providing herbal products to family and friends as early as the mid 90’s.  As our passion grew to find alternative ways to acheive better health, we decided to share our research findings and health promoting supplements with the world in 2008 by establishing Holistic Herbal Solutions.  The supplements and products sold by Holistic Herbal Solutions are the very ones we use and share with family and friends. 

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3971 Hoover Rd STE 247
Grove City, OH 43123
Email: holisherb@holisherb.com